A recent Masters Graduate from the University of Southern California School of Architecture, Kevin Cohen is a Los Angeles based architectural designer with a keen eye for form and design. Kevin’s interest and focus on solving complex design problems in relation to city zoning makes him a critical thinker and proponent for integrated design. With a wide range of project types, his academic experience is comprehensive and ranges from public to private, and also, residential to commercial. He holds a standard for design excellence and exploration in every project he touches, which helps open an exchange of new ideas. Kevin’s graduate thesis focused on housing and how modular construction can be accomplished economically on cheaper hillside properties of Los Angeles. Reflective of his personal interests, Hillside Los Angeles explores the potential of changing building norms and constructions methods in the landscape of Los Angeles. Kevin's dedication toward innovation and progressive design led him to win the M.Arch Outstanding Directed Design Research Award for his project Hillside Los Angeles. His talent in organizing ideas and human-scale considerations of livability and human-design interactions is at the center of all of his work. Kevin is a new associate of the AIA and is working towards becoming a licensed Architect in the state of California.




Bachelor of Science, Biological Sciences | UC Irvine

Master of Architecture | University of Southern California